About Us

SunStream Engineering is a next-generation engineering company specialized in providing engineering, design drafting, training, on-site inspections, vendor development, project management and quality audit services for renewable energy clients, EV Charging infrastructure developers and Power equipment manufacturers.

SunStream Engineering services strictly adhere to the applicable industry standards such as ANSI, NEC, CSA, IEC, UL, NEMA, ASTM and applicable construction and quality assurance practices.All product developments and design validations are carried out using latest ACAD 3-D modelling and Solid works.

With Over 25 years of custom design and product development experience, SSE has designed and developed various power products for Renewable Energy OEMs of Oil filled & Dry type transformer manufacturers, low voltage power distribution panel integrators and Solar Farm developers.

Our Core Values

  • Our Engineering Team has vast experience in design, testing, and operation of Transformers, renewable energy Systems, and substations with high standards for reliability and quality. 
  • Our Engineering analytical tools enables us to validate the electrostatic, electromagnetic, and the mechanical structural integrity of the products through simulation.
  • Our Supplier assessment program assures the best quality & the long reliability of our approved suppliers.
  • All our products come with 3 years warranty.
  • Our Engineers are available 24/7 to provide technical support through Video conferencing.

Our Mission

“To be  recognized  as   the    leader in the engineering and product development services for the renewable energy substation clients, EV  Charging  infrastructure  developers  to  accelerate  the clean energy solutions across the globe”  

Guiding Values

“Innovation, speed and Excellence are integral to our success in winning and retaining valued clients.”